My name is Dr. H. Wayne House, and I teach theology at Faith International University and Faith Seminary in Tacoma, Washington. I have written or edited around 40 books, co-owner of a publishing company called Lampion Press, and I lead study tours each year to places such as Israel, Greece, Turkey, Jordan and Egypt (http://www.christianstudytours.com). My desire is to help Christians grow in their understanding of the Bible and develop a more vibrant spiritual life. I welcome your thoughts, and if you should desire to travel this coming year to the Mediterranean or Middle Eastern world, I would like to hear from you.

Our culture has increasingly embraced a radical postmodernism which denies any concept of truth, meaning, or divine revelation. The need for God’s people to understand his Word is thus greater than ever. With the Spirit’s help, we can continue to speak to the times we live in by testifying to what the living God has spoken concerning his nature and purposes in the world.

I am also the founder of Christian Perspectives International, which exists to provide Christians with valuable resources for growing in their faith and in their understanding of Scripture. We are committed to historic orthodoxy as articulated in the early creeds and to the divine character of Scripture as the only inspired rule for doctrine and conduct.





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